Ramos lives in a small house in Lisbon where one day I entered and decided to welcome my pottery workshop.

It was very important for me to create something that made you and your home feel very special.​ I love the feeling you get from having something really beautiful that can't be found everywhere else.

Every single piece is totally handmade with the coil, slab and pinch technique. There is no casts envolved.

My collections are born from the desire to touch clay and to marry it with materials and techniques I've been playing with for years: wicker, raffia, rope, wool; tapestry, basketwork, textile basketwork, sewing.

These pieces come into the world stripped of colors but dressed in textures and other beautiful natural materials.

I like them clumsy looking, imperfect and with finger marks. Because of that, there will never be two equal pieces.


is what fills

all my days,

time and home.


Apart from that, I only produce a limited amount of pieces- usually thirty of each. 

I am inspired by natural elements, irregularities of the stones, the colors of dried flowers, light,  corners, plants.