menina e moça

Brown textured stoneware piece.

This special piece has a lot of colors. When there's low light, a menina e moça is dark brown. At the end of the day, she looks copperish. And when there's direct sunlight we swear she almost looks grey.


It is possible to choose between two sizes.


This vases are glazed. Because of that you can put water inside.All pieces were slowly handmade.
They may vary slightly from each other because they were uniquely sculpted.

| All pieces come with a little dried flower arrangement |

menina e moça

  • Menina e moça was our first born and she the most beautiful heiress there is.

    She started off as a ball of clay. Menina e moça grew beautifully with a combination of a few techniques. She was sponged, fired for many hours, glazed and fired again for many hours. She came out of the kiln already looking perfect. And you can't imagine how much she likes flowers!

    It took us 1h10 to create her.

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